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Children Playhouses

“Teddy's house” designs and manufactures high quality wooden houses for play in different styles and sizes.

Every child enjoys the playhouses. They give them their own space in which they develop their imagination, learn to be  independ and have fun. All playhouses are made of sustainable materials and meet safety standards. The houses can be designed and constructed in a variety of themes, small copies of your home, a favorite fairy tale or landmark: towers, castles, pirate ships, boats, train with wagons, workshop of Santa Claus and many others. There are several basic models with custom colors that can be changed according to the client’s wishes.


                                                                                          exterior playhouses     

These children's houses for play will take your child on an unforgettable adventure with many fun games. The Exterior houses are made of high quality materials for outdoor use. The models are offered with various options, furniture and accessories that you can include at the same time with discount or order separately. The playhouses can be installed on a rough ground.


                                                                                                    interior playhouses     
The interior children playhouses  meet all safety and quality requirements. Made from environmentally friendly materials with high quality, without emitting harmful volatile compounds. The houses are in sizes suitable for any nursery. Available in custom colors, to which could be included different options and equipment. Two-storey children's interior houses can be separated with different rooms - an equipped children's kitchen, a learning place, a place for games, a bedroom and more.

                                                                                             luxury playhouses       

Luxury playhouses are designed and manufactured individually. Unique, exclusive models with design rights of the owners (customers). Entirely handmade with special attention to even the smallest detail. These children's playhouses bring together the best of both our team’s efforts and the customer requirements. The houses can come in different styles and sizes, with designed specially for them options, furniture and accessories.
Amazing and inspiring, luxurious children's playhouses are not only beautiful but also functional and interesting both for the children and for their parents.


Return of a playhouse / replacement with a bigger one for an extra charge /

Change of size and various additions / construction of a porch, shed, play equipment /

Moving a house - our team can disassemble the device and reassemble it again to a new location. Teddy's products are designed so that they can be moved. If you do not want to use our team, please contact us and we will advise you how best to proceed

In order to make it possible for more parents to be able to provide houses for their children to play, our designers customize devices so as to meet your requirements and budget. If you have your own ideas about
      how the house of your child should look, please tell us about it! Our team will make  your ideas possible.

We at "Teddy's house" will be happy to work with you and make children's dreams - reality.



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