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“Teddy's house” offers environmentally friendly, high quality furniture for children's playhouses.

Unique with their size, quality and functionality, baby furniture and accessories successfully contribute to the creation of a fantasy world in which children have everything their  parents have. Children's furniture create an environment that stimulates the imagination and provides wonderful memories for years to come. All furniture and accessories for the playhouses are made of safe materials and coatings that  do not emit formaldehyde and other harmful volatile compounds. There are several basic models of furniture that can be ordered at once with a discount, or separately, and individually designed furniture, reflecting the unique personality of each child. The products are made specifically for Teddy's playhouses.


                                                                                           Furnishing for exterior playhouses     
The furniture for exterior
playhouses consist of:

kitchen furniture / a dining table with chairs, cabinets, stove, refrigerator and sink / , garden furniture / garden tables with chairs/.


                                                                                             Furnishing for interior playhouses     
Design and manufacture
of children's furniture, appropriate
interior of playhouses

                                                                                                 Furnishing for luxsury playhouses     

The furniture for the luxury houses is designed individually. It could be in different styles and sizes, made according to the requirements of parents and reflecting the individual nature of each child.

You can include
various accessories to the playhouses: a sign with the name of the child, a mailbox, a fence,  facilities for games and many others. Accessories are made specifically for Teddy’s playhouses.


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