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Welcome to Teddy's dream factory!

We see design as a philosophy of life. Design is what makes our lives easier, more comfortable and more
beautiful. But most importantly - design, as part of the things that surround us in modern life, is able to
create emotions. And that is our main goal. That the products we design give you sensations that make
you smile, enjoy life and your loved ones. The design of children's products is a complex task, but also
                         a very happy one. We sincerely hope our ideas for individual articles will bring much joy to the children
                         and help them grow in an intelligent environment.
                         Teddy's individual products are created by our own team with experience in design and with respect to
                         functionality, form and space, color, style, aesthetics and harmony in the details. By embedding these
                         components, we constantly strive to achieve better looking, high quality and safe product.

                         The articles are designed to create a friendly environment for children. The experience, technology and
                         know-how in industry design, that our designers possess, have a direct effect on the developed models.
                         Our designers carry accumulated skills in the field of product design as well as interior and exterior
                         solutions in the implementation of ideas and products for children. This helps us build beautiful, individual
                         articles with their own style.

                         We hope that this meets your desire for uniqueness and together we can create a really fun, interesting
                         and harmonious children's world.


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